Summer Dream #78

Awake tiny sun beams through basement window like the night before lying on my homemade bed in this room of what was meant to be an office suite when the police car circled the building and I worried did they think I was robbing the store if they could even see me down here.

I’ve been here a few months quite homey bought two inflatables like you would float around in the pool on and put them side by side with a sheet over them holding them together ahaha and why did I need two, well ahem once I had girlfriend afraid of nothing.

Inflatables on a sheet of plywood on top of shipping boxes ala Pompanoosuc mills but cheaper and artful.

I push myself from my luxury bed and head to the tiny bathroom to wash my face and shave using a silver tray as a mirror my award picked from a laden table after winning my third Mt Washington road race in a row. I had to work around the medallion in the middle to see like a large spot on my mirror.

I head out for my run before work throw the key in the super secret hiding spot and go around the block six miles.

Upon returning I shower throwing a garden hose connected to the kitchen faucet out the back window setting the temperature accordingly to our markings and head out in my running shorts with soap and towel.

Summer of Hodgie don’t get any better than this little do we ever know.

The RUNNERY my place of employment and home base of my dream of champion runner is a reoccurring dream so the rest of my life followed accordingly and now I wonder at this series of fortunate events.

Dream on.

Soundtrack: Smithereens

Only a Memory