Mount Washington A Go Go 2023

The summer grasses

All that remains

Of warriors’ dreams.


Mountains beyond

Fifty years ago I learned about a race up Mt Washington in the White Mountains of NH an eighteen year old college drop out a runner looking for kicks.

I got a job became a member of the IBEW Union ya brother made in the shade only boredom and fear and loathing could possibly stop you, oh no no no.

So I got to thinking about it oh why why why just sleep work then Saturday night then repeat, so easy. But no you gonna be some kind of athlete or try to be and long odds for what…

In 1974 whole life in front of me nearly and now whole life behind me nearly the mountain still looms large.

Great Expectations alone with the mountainous landscape void just want to know one thing…. Any thing.

Perhaps it was a good time to learn that the battle I was fighting was from within and what happened without just was.

The mountain loomed large through many of life’s main events love death good times hard times mountain don’t care just be.

It was a starting point of contemplation meditation and athletic challenge of me against me and the next local hero or gunslinger from out west.

Win or lose I always came out on top humbled washed clean.

Looks like I participated this thing the actual race 25 times in the last 50 years and once ran the auto road on my own for something to do one I’ll always remember nasty weather at the top the crew in the gift shop wrapped me in a blanket and when I told them I was going to walk back down they offered a ride.

“Sir, you know they have a race up the mountain in June.” Me, “That’s crazy.”
No need to mention I was aware having won it 7 times.

Joe Dodge Lodge Pinkham Notch humble lodgings everything we need. Bunk beds and basic grub pioneers oh pioneers!

Once upon a time the natives were restless the future was upon them and it was crushing and impossible to deny.

Nowadays the mountain can crawl with humans at play but also exacts revenge no no never get cocky.

Nellie and I have conferred and it has been decided a trial run of sorts is possible later this week, a tryout.

Nellie got 258 thou on her a Ford product and rust be consuming her and I pretty rusty too but if we play our cards right and cruise it the whole right way we got another adventure in us.

Just got the oil changed mechanic advises “don’t hit any big bumps.”

Future is wide open I’ll keep you posted.

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