Ordinary Run

Ordinary Run

With a purpose I started slowly late afternoon sun through the trees beginning to change color I read my body heart rate rising arms a bit of heaviness as I climb a small rocky rooted path and make my way to the road Main Street.

My thoughts wander but I am in synch with my body language providing constant instant feedback. Relax in my mind I am floating along like Billy Rodgers light stepping across pavement barefoot like Abebe or raw power in motion like Jim Ryun— but in reality just me.

I cross the river and head toward the sea.

I stalk the undulating roads and trails of this south shore Massachusetts town daily and in tune with the environment while oblivious to the daily lives of the citizens and neighbors I do my thing…run.

I climb the long hill by the little post office focused on my breathing and my efficiency and as I crest relax my thoughts entertain girlfriends love lust wonder lust this weekends long run with my mates or a low key race makes my heart race a bit to picture it the joy of the competition and conviviality afterward. 

I cross the river again this time closer to the sea all the little fishing boats and some yachts shiny happy people I imagine with martinis. I   timed my run perfectly as the sun set and I looked into it and remembered a song and that song raised my heart rate gave me chills and carried me the remaining miles home.

Home the “sugar shack” tucked away in the woods a quarter mile from the road up a dirt road. I stopped for a chat with the goats in their pen occasionally one naughty one the ring leader I named “Van-Goat” because one of his ears was bitten off, would jump the fence and come over to my window and look in surprising me.

I gulp a quick drink of water from the garden hose then step in and grab a cold beverage or two from the fridge and walk down the path to the river.

I walk to the end of the dock strip down nakey and dive in the tide being high and perfect almost dead even with the dock I float on my back and lightly kick in the chill, summer ended perfect fall New England I will miss this when winter comes and presents its wonder and challenges.

I sit on the dock a while and take in the scene then hustle back up the path pull out the five dollar hibachi grill slather a piece of swordfish with mayo and lemon wrap it in foil and light the barbi.

A quick shower fish on green beans steamed I sit down to my little feast and peruse the Farmers Almanac Track & Field News and the novel of Japan “Shogun “or maybe “Aaron Burr” by Gore Vidal. I also write a bit in my running log and after a cleanup– tidy up of the little place make a pot of tea and curl up on my bed perhaps watch some television on my little portable black and white TV.

It is eight o’clock at night barely dark I read with some sporting event going on in the background from the television and at 9 I brush my teeth drink a large glass of water and lights out.

From “The Life of a Runner” an RSE production.