As time goes by


One for the ages,aged

There you are, on top of the world where you belong.

Not Without Peril

A book by author Nicholas Howe.

Everyone contemplating an adventure on Mt Washington, this is a must read.

Wondering now why I decided to run the Mt Washington Road Race this year, perhaps because I recently retired and needed a challenge, but with the way my running has been going getting slower and struggling with various aches and pains, I mean, who am I kidding? Am I not wambled enough already?

I do have a long history with the event having first run it as an 18 year old in 1974.

This week I picked up some scudge sinus and nasal congestion perhaps the bad forest fire air and pollen.


I am in good health generally in some way related to my physical activity with running most every day and as in the past I consider the race a personal struggle regardless of my competitiveness.

I last ran here six years ago age 61 running 2:06. That is a bit more than double my fastest run in 1987 age 31 1:01:13, when I was crispy.

We slow down with age and accept this inevitable fact but also I am still the same person deep down I have always been. So then I ain’t given that up without a fight.

When I hit that rocker or lay on a carpet of grass chewing on a blade I want that hard fought journey on Agiocochook to haunt me and it do.

I am the old man of the mountain. I have my little shuffle stride and I wonder how Charlie Chaplin would handle the mountain. Laugh it off.

“Some day we will look back on this and it will all seem funny.” “Remember the time you decided to do Mt Washington almost 68 years old.”

I’m taking guitar lessons, ha, 50 years after I began my guitar journey. What goes around comes around.

The Greater Boston TC just had their 50th celebration. My high school 50th reunion will be this Fall.

Lately it’s just 50 years this and 50 years that.

What is your duty you feel it out along the way —yup this one is for the young and crisp man I was, struggling along in his honor.

Big thank you to Scott Graham for getting my warm clothes to me and providing a ride down.

Adios Amigos ‘till we meet again.

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