Day 2 at the TRIALS—Settling in

Hey Sunscreen, check, phone with tickets in wallet app and vax info in clear app, check, shades, check, hat, check, a few copies of “Tales of the Times” for random gifting on unsuspecting athletics fans and old and new friends. Check.

I hit the pavement for my leisurely walk to Hayward sun high in a perfect blue sky with a gentle breeze. As I approach the venue I am hit by hunger and thirst, and I know I need fuel quick and immediately inside I sate my gastronomical delight with a black and blue burger and a pint of mint chocolate ice cream.

Ahhhh all set for the cold IPA’s I will consume after today’s action.

Happily, we have near perfect seating for the Discus Throw and Valarie Allman put on a sublime performance exhibiting all areas of Olympism, Valarie is in the running for the “Running Sage Enterprises” fist Olympism award. Please feel free to nominate others.

Olympism seeks to create a way of life by blending sport with culture, education, and international cooperation. A principal of non- discrimination is at the heart of olympism.

M800 heats Murphy and Hoppel looking sharp.

W1500M Elle Purrier St. Pierre smoked a 62, 60 seconds last 800m and was in total control, made it look easy.

Sha’Cari Richardson lit up the W100M blitzing the field hair flowing personality and exuberance overflowed.

There was a video tribute to Lee Evans

during the M400m heats.

After the meet there was an open mic at the Wild Duck where friends and relatives paid tribute including Lee’s brother Donald.

Raefer Johnson was also recognized both iconic athletes having passed away recently.

On the way out of Hayward as I made a move to get to the Duck I ran into to Olympic Marathon Champion Frank Shorter. Frank and I go way, way back to when I first met him at the Falmouth Road Race in 1975 and race founder and friend Tommy Leonard said, “hey Bobby, do your warm up with Frank.” I wanted to ask for his autograph, but I felt too nerdy and insignificant.

But today the table turned, and I signed and foisted a copy of my book on him before he had a chance to notice what was happening. Also he happens to be neighbors with an old teammate of mine so I unloaded a second copy on him for old friend Donny Powers.

This is what kind of completes the Trials experience for us old timers.

Okay, more later I am losing energy and probably you are losing interest. Check in later for further ramblings if you so desire.

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