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Eliud Kipchoge will run Boston  in 2023 and as a fan of pro running I am very happy to see it happen.

Some seem to think he needed to run and win here in the hub but his legacy is surely secured with two Olympic victories and a world record.

I’m sure he had entertained the thought of running here but what did it actually take resource ($$$) wise and why is it that no one is inquiring and is leaving this out of their reportage ?

A Red Sox ball player just hit the road for another team for an 11 year $280 million dollar contract. While I think that is insane and obscene you know at least in pro baseball what is at stake. Excitement for one thing.

In pro running it’s all hidden and I believe that is wrong and is killing and damaging the sport from an integrity and marketing perspective.

The entities that produce marathon events especially the non profits like the BAA owe it to the public to reveal the details and should be eager to do so.

It might explain also the paltry amount of prize money offered compared to most any other pro sport.

I have much respect for Kipchoge an intelligent philosophical man and I welcome him to bean town where I hope we will see a very competitive race and coverage worthy of it.

“I have spoken, all depart.”

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