Befallen it

I write to say how have I been where why what and you read some meaning into it and we communicate something at some level and then I am a seeker and I wonder and wander as I make those first few steps forward motion tap watch see one second turn over to two breathe deep relax syncopated beats dodge ice on the road and cracks on the pavement Ford 150 and Denali hogging the road I enter the cemetery for some peacefulness.

My thoughts wander while my senses gather it in the steam and drip from the melting snow a warmish December day in this Central Massachusetts small city I shuffle uphill and have a view of the place a bit of Bedford Falls and some Potterville I wonder who won the George Bailey award this year I always a strong contender for the Uncle Billy.

I make loops of the cemetery another day on the right side of dirt and I continually make my peace with myself and think dreaded winter no more I have come to terms with you.

Beautiful and serene you are when the sun sets low and early and my energy ebbs and I lay down on the couch for a couple of months let someone else take care of things. 

That is what winter solstice brings and a holiday for children co opted by marketing   Mavens.