Runners Reunion Podcast

This week we are “On The Road” with Bob Hodge as he discusses his competitive running career that spanned the pre-running boom days growing up in gritty streets of Lowell through the early 1990s .  During his youth Lowell’s famous textile mills were closing at an alarming rate with its population dropping just as quickly.  Bob’s brother Billy went to Vietnam and never returned. It was a turbulent time with Richard Nixon elected to restore law and order only to resign five years later as a result of the Watergate scandal. Running became Bob’s escape from the disillusionment many youth felt at the time.  Bob’s passion and talent for running were a perfect match for the running boom that offered him a career as a running vagabond enabling him to travel the world and accumulate a book full of tales.  You can read all of Bob’s stories in his book “Tales of the Times”.