None sense Writing

Silly lyrics silly love songs had enough of heard them galore.

A poet a song a tome convey thoughts and ideas leave a legacy leave a crumb leave a trail slight crazy smile little wave don’t even know her really just a few words here and there but a feeling a connection every now and then a person.

Flesh and blood.

Contact connect plugged in tuned out dreaming of yesterday yesteryear just one small idea not the faintest idea what will happen to it to you.

Hold on tight to your self your inside sanity serenity will be here just around the corner from me I can taste it.

Run a million miles relax as your body betrays you it’s universal no one gets outa here alive so hold on for the ride of your death.

None sense lyrics sound and vision song with a hook means what but gets you by carries you a long way sometimes just by that feeling.

Learn Chinese language mandarin write your ticket what is foreign to me look through any window ya.

Followed a course by design was spoon fed dereliction of duty to be true all I want gimme some.

Run like a stallion it’s cross country hill and dale ditch and stream don’t fence me in come out to play breathe like a locomotive froth at the mouth I’m dead but only partly heart beating very fast pounds my chest.

Waiting for the meeting to end or start have your say make your point so impressive don’t deprave yourself.

Ay chihuahua  ciao mein adios amigos.

Don’t know any crazy horse maybe they’re all crazy or Buffalo Springfield either for that matter.

Crazy Horse: