Old Car

Duct Tape Saves the Day

I wish I could bottle up the feeling beat up –beat down ready for a fight but

“Though he be but little he is fierce.” 

Old car sticking with it finding Coltrane after all these years after cleaning out the glove box popped it in the CD player while driving through Franconia Notch meant to be—- yes 2006 this historic vehicle came under our ownership and now is 15 years and counting… 

Two hundred and twenty-six thousand miles but who is counting. 

A Ford Focus smallish wagon a hatch back I guess you call it. My wife Frannie company car which we later purchased. 

It has been an okay car got the Thule Rack to carry my kayak on top and room in the back for all kinds of assorted junk accumulated there including a mold for daughter Lily’s teeth when she got braces age 13. 

Rust will be the undoing I know not pretty I just had the front driver side control arm replaced, just in time as it was corroded-and might have broken anytime.

I got some miles and rust on me too so we have that in common and on the inside whoa at some point I stopped caring about the spilled coffee or other stuff and the scudge of time and dust and crud must now be further ignored and until recently when I got a new windshield, a perfect foot print of Lily on the inside of the window from after one of her soccer games when she pulled off her shoes and placed her barefoot on the window an imprint that lasted about a decade.

Well old Nellie recently passed its yearly inspection new tires and an oil change and the rusted roller bar thingy and now refreshed after a day off to recover from the ride to the north we cruise through the pass on our way to an outing a walk in the woods, just me not the car and we listen to that temporarily lost CD a few hiccups on it from age and abuse similar to Nellie and me Coltrane’s “Favorite Things” life in the cruise control lane.