Coming in from the Cold

When I was in my teens some long time ago I realized that I would have to get a job whether hard labor or sissyish didn’t make no never mind to me. Looking back now man of my experience of life well I did have some doozies.

• Paper boy

• Bingo Hall Worker

• Textile Factory Worker

• Shoe Factory Worker

• Supermarket Clerk

• Electrical Cable Maker member of the IBEW

• Shoe Store Clerk/Cobbler

• Athletic Shoe Marketing/Promotions

   College Coach

• Taxpayer Service Representative

• Librarian

From my early teen years until age 33 I was also an athlete a runner but did not consider that a job even though I did make some income directly related to it. Running was my obsession a Don Quixote dreamer on my way to finding out what was important in life but like most people you have to be traumatized maybe even brutalized in getting here.

Someday ahhhhhhmmmmmm I will retire and I must be getting close to whatever that means but I am preparing myself yes I can see it and smell it getting closer to laying down on the couch for a few years and then this…..

Nothing Or…..

Notes for my dream (a draft)

There are always mundane things that need to be done but I’ll keep them to a minimum. I will sleep until I feel like getting out of bed in the morning optimal time around nine a.m. and I will hit the feathers generally by ten p.m. a good tired.

In the beginning of the new lease on life I will take my time in paring down and getting rid of detritus finding a good home for some things excess books and clothing items and dumping and recycling the rest.

I will then set up my small office and move into it with my basement files to arrange in an efficient and homey way my small collection of “things” that make me, me.

I will work on my website where I have posted many of my writings and I will adopt a routine of reading and writing each day in some regular fashion ideally like this;

Wake up have very light breakfast coffee, read newspaper and other reading materials. 

Go for run or walk. On return shower and make tea. 

Go to office write read for two hours. Have lunch. 

Return to office write read for one hour. 

Take nap one hour. Make tea read write one hour. 

Go for run walk. Shower and make dinner. 

Read and watch sports or a movie. 


Soundtrack: Inside