Some Thoughts About Running as in Competitive

Some Thoughts on Running as in Competitive

 For those of you who have become involved in the competitive side and especially those who like to run but love even more to compete,  I hail and bow to you.

I have always believed through many running days I have had that you can reach your potential regardless of any perceived lack of the necessary resources.

 Competitive running requires:

Running a lot, and let the run come to you run as you feel. Start with the tried and true method perfected by trial and error. If you worry about running too much you are in the wrong activity.

Run races often, hone your skills, climb the competitive ladder.

Some athletes are joiners some are not. Most of us like to pick our spots and once or twice a week meets at the track or the forest or the beach for a sociable group run. It may get competitive as in play. A group I ran with would often have a sprint to the town lines at any given point in the run someone is just away and you can chase them or not at your whim. Whimsical runner is happy runner.

Follow competitive running closely; know the history, read the great biographies. A part of being competitive is knowing where you stand in the pecking order.

There are many fine adjuncts to running and preparing for racing and you may seek them out for balance for mind and body.

Injury problems? Rest and seek out physical therapy, sports medicine is a field that did not exist when I was a youth. That has to my mind been the major development over the last 40-50 years.

Attack athletics when you are young, set lofty goals challenge yourself and perhaps you will achieve much more than you formerly thought possible.

“I have  spoken, all depart”