1977 Travel Log

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New Canaan and the Essence is Children
It is a long/short way to the promised land after all you may already be there, are you? What matters stops you in your tracks is it your job or the stock market your beating heart can you look at a very young child and not be filled with wonder of the longest line continuing human who are we and where?

June 20th—Budget—$9 hotel, $5 booze-$5 meals, $12 Lester’s Camping, $3.50 Bug-killers—too many bugs at Lester’s cannot possibly stay. Bummed out, shit, fuck.

June 21-
Staying with Nicky Koumz Lowell homey at Indian Head.
Got bombed on Molson Ale last night with Nicky Koumz watched Mark the Bird Fidrych beat Yankees single handedly then listened to jazz at Peter O’s.

June 22nd- Yesterday ran 12 miles kind of groggy spent quiet day and night reading, walking, napping watching “boob tube” counting good fortunes to be able to have this place to stay with Nicky Koumz a good host gone all day at work and I’m getting into what I came for, freedom and day to day living.
I will call Ronnie tonight and see what the poop is, but I will definitely be heading our tomorrow.

June 23rd- Ran only 5 miles today, had a good breakfast then got drunk and smoked with Sean Flynn (Acre Lowell friend) weird day.
I was re-reading Kerouac “Lonesome Traveler” and partly through “Desolation Angels” perhaps my favorite read, and Sean was reading Henry Miller “Tropic of Cancer” “You read this one Hodgie?” well no.

I told Sean “you got to read Jack if for no other reason Lowell it’s us” and he said “well you got to read this and so having read Lonesome and re read I gave it to Sean in exchange for Tropic which he had read and re read and it became official.

“I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive.” -Henry Miller “Tropic of Cancer”

Two Lowell Acre boy’s college dropouts discussing literature, why not?

Ronny came up in the van Sean and I were sitting on the little grass knoll across from the main Indian Head Lodge when he arrived. Pack up my gear and headed out to Greenfield to camp out until the weekend Stevie coming up and there is Dusty’s party in Manchester on Saturday.

June 24th-Hitched to Peterborough today to wash clothes interesting ride. Ran 15 miles today had a good campfire and hit the feathers early.

June 25th-Got in 15 today quiet day in my monastery waiting for Stevie to come rain falling.

June 26th-Woke up hungover went for coffee and then a swim which straightened me out somewhat blew a 90 mile week but my knee could use a break any way. Stevie ran a few miles with me, and I got in an hour run. Had big campfire tonight watched the embers and thought some thoughts throughout the night.

June 27th-decided to come home for a few days before 4th of July weekend spent $2.40 at McDonalds which pissed me off when I thought about it same old thing at home.

June 28th-Took it easy at home went out shopping for groceries when I woke up there was not a damn thing in the refrigerator. I’m worried about my Dad hope they’ll be all right when I’m gone I know they can work out something. I hope. Dad and I went to track meet at Cawley Stadium which I ran then went out for a pizza and beer.
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June 29th-spent 4th weekend mostly in Lowell working on the van, things looking good for July 18th departure date. Seems like forever but 2-3 weeks and we’ll be on our way.
July 29th-Went to Dusty’s last night picked him up and went out for beers left him off at 1 A.M. headed to York Beach ME and spent good day on beach but felt sick with bad headache. Had late afternoon nap played guitars at night and had tuna sandwiches and hot and iced teas. Plan to head for Gloucester tomorrow meet up with jocko.

July 30th-Spent night in Gloucester camping out at Cape Neddick.

“Sociability is nothing but a smile and a smile is nothing but teeth. Rest and be kind.” Kerouac

August 1st-York Beach Camp Eaton ME-went to Sand dollar last night for a few brews pretty dead. Steve, Dust, Ronnie and me. Spent day on motorcycle ride with Stevie up coast to Kennebec. Rained all afternoon. Had some Dinty Stew and peanut butter for dinner. Heading out for a run on the beach tonight and these crazy bastards are coming with me.

August 3rd- My birthday 22 headed to White Mountains NH last night could not find camoing on the Kanc so slept in van at pull out near swimming hole Pemi River. Went for a run and a swim and then to Polly’s Pancake Parlor for a royal breakfast. It was a little extravagant and off our budget. After breakfast we took some photos and then headed to Indian Head for a hike got lost on the way down and had to bushwhack our way out. Got a campground at hilltop near Twin MT where we ended our memorable hiking trip of Labor Day 76. Went for a run had a big campfire bugs ain’t too bad.

Nubble Light
Indian Head

August 4th-Laundry day Whitefield NH Coke and Molson seem to be the most popular drinks in town. “Whitefield the friendly town with a beautiful point of view.”
Laundromat in old railroad station. Had supper of burgers and rice delicious at Hilltop Campground. Heading into Manchester and Lowell tomorrow so that Dust and Ron can pick up their checks and then out to the Berkshires and on out across the country.

August 5th-Spent the night in Amherst slept in the van near Nicky’s place. Ran on UMASS Track and played Frisbee in athletic fields and took a shower at Boyden Gym. Had a case of Heineken and went to pub long enough for one dance.

August 6th- Did some food shopping at outdoor market made a salad. Watched the girls go by my oh my then took a ride to Mt Holyoke and Mt Greylock State Park practically on top of the mountain camped out had big campfire.

MT Greylock

August 8th- Spent last night at Sacandaga Lake Adirondacks in upstate NY. Had corn and soup for supper also peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Sacandaga manmade in 1928. Went for a walk in the evening stopped to talk with Park Superintendent nice old guy. Today travelling north into Adirondack Park on route 30 before heading west on route 8 out to Lake Ontario.

August 9th- Spent last night at Fairhaven Park State NY on inlet from Lake Ontario raining last three days but beautiful today. Heading out to Niagara Falls today stopped in Rome NY yesterday for groceries.

August 10th- Spent last night Niagara Falls cooked up mac & cheese in the van and made a salad with vegetables we picked up at a roadside stand. Nothing but crazy tourists here with makeup. The Falls are beautiful at night we spent .10 cents to cross the bridge into Canada where the view of the Falls was much better. Dust, Ron, and I stopped at an outdoor café and watched the lights come on the Falls and we had a beautiful waitress in her little Bavarian outfit yahoo. We headed out of there this morning and are now residing in Andover Ohio State Park and plan to move on across Ohio tomorrow.

August 11th- Left Lake Pymatuning State Park Andover travelled 225 miles across Ohio today. Tonight, we are camping at Sandusky Park Fremont OH very small campground with few facilities. It is raining cats and dogs and the tent is leaking will probably sleep in the van. Tomorrow we will hit the highway should be in Indiana end of day.

August 12th- Camping in LaPorte IN Rolling Prairie seven miles outside LaPorte Taking turns driving one and a half hour shifts. Indiana prairies land many many farms and cornfields. Tonight, spending quiet night nice campground. Starry night future bright.

Scanadaga Lake NY

August 13th- Did laundry in LaPorte this morning coffee and donuts travelled around Chicago rte. 294 and rte. 14 up just over the border with Wisconsin where we are sleeping in the van tonight side of the road. Tomorrow up to Minnesota.

August 14th- Staying tonight Perot State Park on the Wisconsin Minnesota border. I’m wondering very sadly what it must have been like when the rivers flowed clean etc. This place cost mucho bucks and is really hardly worth a penny of it. Ronnie is sitting here at the table with the expense book taking it all so seriously it hurts. The Mississippi River today we hit at about 4 in the afternoon, and I asked a very beautiful young woman to take a picture of us which she did all smiles. Really things are going quite well but I must say I am looking forward with much eagerness to the west and on back homeoh the future too much to think about. Boggles the brain. Tomorrow onward.

Perrot State Park WI

August 15th- Monday-ride to Minnesota St Paul took a walk around the city did a little shopping at a camping store we got a place to stay about 30 miles outside the city at William O’Brien State Park. Nice place on St Croix River.

August 16th- This morning went for an hour run passing through the little town of Marie on St Croix. Beautiful and later went to this town with the van and picked up some butter and eggs on me own. Would have loved to stop for some coffee but I figured the guys would be wondering what was keeping me. This being a kind of a pin in the ass. Went into St Paul to the Olympia Brewery for excellent tour and later 2 hours of drinking at the sample room on top of the brewery.

I had at least 7 beers then we went to our campsite and had a big supper of corn on the cob, rice and a baked potato. Expecting a good nights sleep.

Left William O’Brien State Park this morning and headed into Minneapolis to check out the city, which is definitely the cleanest and nicest city I’ve ever been to. Even a clean slim section of Indian bums. We bought bread $.25 a loaf. I then drove 2 hours upstate to Hennipin State Park in Isle MN. where we are tonight. A very huge lake here which I cannot remember the name of, Ronnie and I watched the sunset over the lake and took some photos.