Just Playing

“It might easily be maintained that the true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground.”
G.K. Chesterton

I still these many years after I began– love to run. I like to think of it as play and have thought of it that way for a very long time especially when way back I was a competitor with a pretty decent pedigree and I got injured then it always helped to remember why I was doing this activity with such devotion—because it gave me my sense of being.

Athletics was always much more than a profession to me even when it was at least partly that as far as it went. Now an old man reflective I go for my daily play my run around the block with my Charlie Chaplin stride belching, breathing like a locomotive and passing gas to beat the band—but hold on now I know that sounds foul and I guess I would have to hold back if I had company but I don’t so I just play and let her rip.

I remember running to work from Wellesley MA to Brighton mostly along the Boston Marathon route and then running home at the end of the day and I remember that too and vividly– changing into my skimpy shorts and a pair of shoes in the summer shirtless after being cooped up all day I burst out of there like a kid off a school bus dropped off at home and needing to use the bathroom.

“Even for the free man life is a dangerous and difficult game. Man, the player must train long and hard before he can move through life with the simple, certain, leisurely grace of the expert. Still it is the only game in town.”

Dr. George Sheehan

Only game in town —got that right and what a wonder it will be.