1.1 Mile Hill

“ANY HILL” —Henry Rono

And the questions from the “Dina” Steve Dinatale  formerly of Brockton MA Cinderella boy as he was bar tending in Hooterville OR round about 1982 and got the nerve to ask the great one regarding his training after over serving him and Henry waving him off after repeating “the hill” and The Dina just had to know “what hill”.

You could do worse than listen to the great troubled Kenyan Henry, a sad but also inspired story disconnected from the new norm the science of the how and why Henry broke it down easily and went back to the only thing that lasted, let’s have another.

Well today back in my favorite environs the mountains somewhat north of me I had a run including a hill done it before years past ago about a one hour run total now, but 45 years ago about 30 minutes.

Might be I had passed the rubicon.

You know when you arrive at this hill it seems sacred ground a dirt road with towering trees of course could be many places but with memory I figured it was about .5 mile.

It started out 2 miles into the run, perfect or used to be already fatigued with the hot humid day but motivated with the challenge of “Da Hill!”  I focused on my vitals and metrics arm swing knee lift uh oh something missing the lift the snap all things equal as of a 20 year old except 45 years of distance.

Not quite as I remembered the hill went on that dirt half mile turned macadam and longer inclined much more longer than I remembered lord have mercy.

Still I must say I felt as gratified on this little run as I have ever been, grateful. When I was very young I doubted I would be running still at 40, 50,65? Truth is never thought much of anything about it. But, No way😀

The past is the presence.

The power and the glory “forever and ever, amen”

Soundtrack: Goodbye Jimmy Reed Dylan