Bugger It All

All work and no play on any given day you look outside to get your bearings where am I and how did I get here and that “is not my beautiful wife” and “that is not my beautiful house” yes, yes, it is, stop stuporing about and get on with it you have a lot of ado about nothing on tap for today.

Out you go into the wide blue yonder I begin to run shuffling along as my watch goes from one second then two I dodge the potholes of life and tread lightly where there is icy snow slipperiness. The icy cold wind chill slaps me around and I am gasping for air oh crikey it’s so good to be alive.

The thrill is temporary the thrill done gone did someone say heart attack—no, no I have the strongest heart but I need to fart—must be the fartichokes. Amble on ramble on, no big rush maybe the entire world needs a day off from its spinning and if not, might they drop me off wherever is convenient.

So, what is it today then a meeting, a big job interview no, no, no all done with that how about an attitude adjustment, yah might need one buddy but I’m okay you’re okay all in a day’s play.

Mr. big shot Mr. fancy pants on fire must have been something a big somebody but its all over now baby blue nothing but buckets of rain buckets of tears coming out of your ears a thousand pardons to Mr. Zimmerman.

It’s a long way to Tipperary it’s a long way to go but we will find our way there with James Webb’s telescope what’s out there wild thing.

Okay, got to go find a new career but I can’t really function I’m so full of fear a working-class hero is someone to be and the fan of Holden Caufield we don’t understand now why did you have to kill the man.

Party on fast times at Ridgemont High it’s all high school dazed and confused but papas got a brand-new bag and a rocking chair and a keg of beer. Bimble on miles to go I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles….

Meet me in the morning 56th and Wabashaw honey paid some dues getting through lord.

Meet Me: