Steve Scott

Steve Scott’s Training Log 9/7/81 to 9/5/82

9/7: 5mi bad cold
9/8: 5mi
9/9: 10mi
9/10: AM 5mi PM 10mi
9/11: AM 5mi PM 10mi
9/12: 10mi
9/13: 10mi

Week:70 miles

9/14: AM: 7mi at good pace. PM 7 Hard
9/15: 10mi
9/16: AM 5mi in PM 10mi fartlek
9/17: AM 10mi PM 5mi
9/18: PM 10mi
9/19: AM 5mi PM 10mi
9/20: 10mi

Week:90 miles

9/21: AM 5mi. PM Warmup, did 3x(330-220-440) @ :60 pace, warmdown
9/22: AM ran 5mi. PM 5mi.
9/23: AM 5mi PM warmup, 220 @ 27, then 880 in 1:50. Felt good, under control, warmdown
9/24: AM 5 mi Fly to NY.
9/25: AM Ran the course and a little more PM ran 10mi. John, Tom, and Ray. Nice run.
9/26 AM 5th Avenue Mile. 3mi in the morning. Jogged warmup. Got 7th 3:53.8. Felt okay till last 400. Ran CP loop for 7mi.
9/27 AM 10 with Walker PM 5 mi



9/28: 15mile hills
9/29: AM 5mi PM 5mi
9/30: AM 5mi PM 10 mi
10/1: AM 5mi PM 10mi
10/2: AM 5mi PM 10mi
10/3: AM 5mi very slow PM 10mi
10/4: AM Central Park 5k. Jogged to start of race. Ran 13:50 for 5km around park. Jogged around the park after. PM 6 mi


10/5: PM ran 10mi
10/6: AM 7mi PM 3mi
10/7: AM 5mi PM 10mi felt bad very hot
10/8: AM 5mi PM 10mi
10/9: warmup, 3x(3x1000m) w/ 500m jog Avg. 2:49, last one in 2:40., warmdown 10/10 AM 5 PM 5
10/11: AM MetroCenter 10km. 2mi warmup/cooldown.1st 29:26. PM Ran 5mi in evening.


10/12: PM 10mi
10/13: AM 5mi PM 10 mi hard fartlek
10/14: AM 5mi PM ran 10x Sage Dr. hill. Very tired. Ran home from hill. Very hard workout. Felt like shit!
10/15: AM 5mi PM 8mi
10/16: AM 5mi PM 7mi
10/17: AM 5mi PM 5mi
10/18: AM 8mi PM 2mi


10/19: PM 8×1000-500m. 3min 5min. Avg. 2:47 last 2:42. 1:22 fast 1:10. Was hot, good workout. Ran home.(14mi)
10/20: 15mi run out the canal. Good pace.
10/21: Fly to LA for PR stuff. AM 5mi easy PM 5 mi
10/22: PM 20x Roast hill. 11mi
10/23: AM 5mi PM 10mi
10/24: AM 5mi Very sore from stride-outs. PM 10mi at good pace.
10/25: AM 5mi canal loop. PM 10mi up South Mtn. Good, back hard.


10/26: PM Ran up to canal. 10x1000m, 500m jog rest. Avg. 2:47, last in 2:39. Ran back. 15mi
10/27: AM 10mi slow Sore from yesterday. PM 5mi good pace. Lifted at home.
10/28: AM 5mi PM Ran 10mi , pretty quick. Quads still hurt.
10/29: AM 5mi PM 30x Roost hill hard. Was a good workout. Ran home.
10/30: AM 5mi PM 5mi
10/31: 10mi easy southern loop.
11/1: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi


11/2 10mi easy.
11/3: AM 5mi PM ran 13mi fartlek up South Mtn. Good hard run.
11/4: AM 2mi PM 10mi
11/5: AM 5mi easy PM warmup, 3x 500-1000-500 2mi rest , 5min between sets. 1:21-2:45-1:24, 1:23-2:47-1:23, 1:23-2:41-1:24. Ran home, good workout.
11/6: AM 5mi easy. PM 5mi easy.
11/7: AM 6mi easy. Went to ASU game.
11/8: Northbank 10k Race was ok, Hunt movedw/ 2mi left. Legs heavy.2nd 28:47.


11/9: 15mi run up South Mtn. Good pace.
11/10: AM 5mi. PM 5mi. Easy.
11/11: AM 5mi @ good pace. Fly to CA. PM 10miler hard w/ Tom.
11/12: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi easy
11/13: PM 10x Roast hill, very steep.10mi
11/14: AM 5miler. PM Ran Southern loop.
11/15: AM ASU Homecoming 10k. Ran wrong way, tied for 1st w/ Pete. PM 7mi easy.


11/16: 15miler
11/17: PM Hilly ridge workout. 8mi
11/18: AM 5mi PM went to Sage Dr w/ ASU team. 40×120 hills, hard.
11/19: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi easy
11/20: 15miles on South Mtn, good pace.
11/21: 5mi run.
11/22: DNR – drove to Pinetop. Quail hunting.



11/23: AM 5mi easy PM 10mi good hard 10mi.
11/24: AM 5mi run. PM 10mi run on dirt
11/25: AM 5mi easy PM Ran up South Mtn. w/ Pete. Felt like shit.
11/26: PM 5 miles before dinner. 15 people over.
11/27: Fly to Burbank. TAC clinic. PM Ran over course (wet, muddy, hilly).8mi
11/28: TAC XC. Race ok Ran stupid. 6th: Royle, Salazar, Swede, Rose, Hunt. 12mi
11/29: AM 5mi, PM 5mi easy.


11/30: PM ran w/Matt and Pete 15mi along canal.
12/1: Fly to OC. PM 10mi run. Dinner w/ Sub-4 people.
12/2: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi fartlek. Spoke at Huntington Beach HS.
12/3: PM 10 miles.
12/4: PM 15mi
12/5: DNR. Fly to Ontario.
12/6: Sub-4 10km. Race was okay. Didn’t run tough. Lost 2 guys in last mi. 28:28 PR


12/7: AM 5 miler. Fly to Reno PM 10mi Good pace.
12/8: AM 5mi in Reno. Flew home. Felt like shit. PM 5mi at home.
12/9: AM 5mi. PM 14mi Ray/Pete/Me ran South Mtn hills, good pace.
12/10: Flew to Ill. PM Ran 10mi good pace. Very cold, jaw froze.
12/11: Tested at OD camp. 3mi on treadmill, then hard 10mi w/ Masback, Theriot and Byers. 2mi cooldown.
12/12: AM 55min run with Lacy and Byers. Then ran ¾ mi for filming.
12/13: AM 8mi run (slow-good-hard), Rolling Stones concert. Stones were great!


12/14: AM 5mi PM 30xhill hard. Good workout, tired.
12/15: AM 5mi PM 10mi
12/16: AM PM 10mi
12/17: AM 3mi PM: Ran to canal for mile repeats: (5:15/4:38)(5:25/4:34)(5:40/4:31)(5:55/4:26)and ran home. Good workout.
12/18: AM 7mi easy. Drove to Victorville to speak with Len. Got home at 2am. 12/19 DNR. Flew to San Diego.
12/20: Festival of Lights 10k. 1st 28:50. Beat Pheffer, Mendoza, Lux. +10mi run. (20mi total)



12/21: 5mi, back of knee near tendons hurt.
12/22: DNR – hurt.
12/23: Hurt. 5mi
12/24: Hard 10mi fartlek in the afternoon.
12/25: DNR – ate too much turkey.
12/26: AM 10mi in the Southills. PM 5mi run.
12/27: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi Run up in foothills.



12/28: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi
12/29: AM 5mi, good pace. PM 20xhills, 20 each side and run home, fast.(15mi)
12/30: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi, felt tired.
12/31: AM 5mi, felt like shit. PM: 5mi
1/1: AM 5mi, PM 5mi felt real strong.
1/2: AM 5mi. PM 10mi easy
1/3: DNR – Flying to NZ



1/4: Ran 10mi
1/5: 11mi run with Walker and Dave. Head spinning afterwards.
1/6: Ran to Cornwall Park. Did 3×400 on the street. (10mi)
1/7: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi in hills
1/8: AM 7mi. Easy PM ran 10×300 on grass field w/300 jog. Ran 45s, last in 41. (10mi)
1/9: Flew to Adelaide. PM 5mi easy
1/10: AM 5mi easy. PM 8×200 in 30s + 4mi.



1/11: AM Jogged 2mi easy.110ºF. Beat Ken Martin in 8:36 2mi. (8mi)
1/12: Fly to Melbourne. PM 10mi good and hard.
1/13: 13mi
1/14: AM 4mi easy, PM Melbourne Mile. 1st 3:55.91 Jogged after. (6mi)
1/15: Flew to Sydney. 12mi good, hard pace.
1/16: AM 7.5mi around park PM 7.5mi
1/17: Am 7mi around park. PM 3mi jog.



1/18: AM 5mi easy. PM. Sydney Mile. Race slow through 1200. Kicked like crazy the last lap. 1st in 3:58.8. Walker 0.2s back. 10mi
1/19: Flew to Christchurch. 13mi good hard
1/20: 8miles Hard PM 7mi fartlek.
1/21: AM 7mi easy, tired from yesterday. PM 3x(400-200). Hamstring hurt during last 200, finished anyway.(56-25)(59-27)(58-27). 10mi
1/22: Hamstring hurts, got therapy. 5 miles easy.
1/23: AM 5-6mi easy. PM Christchurch 1500m. Raced as plan, went w/rabbit, Walker boxed. Won in 3:37.8.
1/24:AM 11mi in the park. Good run. PM 5mi easy.


1/25: John and I ran 7-8mi around airport. Left at 2pm.
1/26: AM 6mi easy. PM Hamilton 1000m. Race was okay, wore flats, hard track. 4th in 2:20.1. Jogged down after. (7mi)
1/27: AM 11mi w/John. Drove to Lake Tarawera. Caught 6lb1oz trout!
1/28: 10mi
1/29: AM 7mi with John. Hot and muggy. PM 3mi easy + strides.
1/30: AM 3mi easy. PM Auckland Mile. Race was good, slow early, 51 last lap. Won in 3:54.8, Walker made surge with 700 left. Went home.
1/31: AM 5miles. PM 13miles in the foothills.


2/1: Sub-4 stuff all day. Ran good 10miler with Wysocki.
2/2: AM 5mi PM Went to UCLA, cold and windy. 4×400 (59-60) then 2×400-2×200 all slow. Jogged. (5mi)
2/3: AM 5mi easy PM 10mi very hard
2/4: AM 5mi. PM 5mi.
2/5: AM Ran 3mi easy. PM LA Times Indoor Mile. Race was a real bummer.Not committed, bad attitude. Was in position but never moved. No confidence. 4th 3:58 Padilla-Walker-Flynn. (7mi)
2/6: Drove to AZ. 15mi in the foothills.
2/7: AM 5mi good pace.


2/8: DNR – Moved into new house
2/9: Fast, quick track workout. 4×150 then 4×150, 4×200, 3×300 +3mi jog. 10mi
2/10: DNR – Flew to San Diego for promotional work. Got home late.
2/11: No AM run. Flew to NY. PM ran 5mi in the Park. Cold.
2/12: AM 3mi. PM Wannamaker Mile. Race was great. Lead after 440. Beat Byers by .04s Won in 3:55.3. (7mi)
2/13: AM 3mi in NY. Flew to Ottawa. Ottawa Indoor Mile. Race was bad. Felt like I was fighting. Won in 4:00.3. (7mi)
2/14: DNR Traveled all day.


2/15: Ran 10mi from school. Slept 12-14 hrs. No AM runs this week.
2/16: Warmed up and ran 4×150 w/ 50 jog, 3×300 w/100 jog, 2×400 w/ 200 jog.Great workout! Felt good, under control. Len thinks I can run fast this weekend! 7mi
2/17: Easy 9mi
2/18: Easy 5mi. Left for San Diego.
2/19: AM 3mi easy PM San Diego Indoor Mile. Race was a disaster. Went out too fast the pack stayed back. 56s first 400. Tried to push 3rd 400 instead of settling in. Lost it with one lap to go. 4th in 3:55.0. Walker won in 3:52.8. (7mi)
2/20: SF Mile. Race was a drag. Felt slow, tired. John won. I was 2nd 4:00.2. 6mi
2/21: 10mi in hills Good hard run.


2/22: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi canal run. Good weights workout,too.
2/23: AM 7mi. PM 2x(500-450-400-350-300) No times given. 400 jog. Great workout. All 58 or faster. 37.9 last 300.
2/24: Had a fever yesterday. Ran 10mi easy.
2/25: Left for NY. Ran around park Very cold (20 below w/ windchill) 11mi
2/26: AM 3mi. PM. TAC Indoors. Race was real bad. Ran uninspired and unwilling. Race was there w/ 2laps to go, wasn’t tired. 5th in 4:03.0.
2/27: 13mi
2/28: AM 10mi @ good pace. PM 5mi easy.


3/1: Felt bad today. Ran 10mi + lifted.
3/2: DNR – feel very sick. Fever, runny nose.
3/3: AM Ran 5mi loop – feel awful. PM Ran 10mi hard. Felt bad.
3/4: AM 5mi loop, felt bad, very tired. PM 10mi out an back hard.
3/5: AM 5mi loop pretty hard. PM ran 30xRoost hill and home. Great workout! (10mi)
3/6: AM 10mi PM 5mi easy.
3/7: Laguna Beach 10k. Won in 29:26. Kicked hard last 440. 10mi



3/8: AM 5mi hard. PM 10mi hard .
3/9: 5mi PM 10mi Hard fartlek from house.
3/10: PM 10mi easy + lifting
3/11: AM 5mi PM 10mi South Mtn Hill loop.
3/12: PM 10 mi, weights Tired.
3/13: 30x110y on Sage dr. Hill. Very hard. 15mi
3/14: 15 mi easy


3/15: AM 5mi easy. PM 10mi easy. Lifted after.Good lifting.
3/16: PM 10mi fartlek with Pete. We were flying!
3/17: AM: Ran 5mi easy. PM 10mi to golf course and back
3/18: 12mi the Southern Mtn. loop. Went very well, hard up the hills. Weights.
3/19: AM 5mi loop. PM 10mi hard out camelback run. Felt great!
3/20: 10mi easy
3/21: AM 4mi easy. PM Did 30xSage Dr hills, ran back. Hard, great workout. (13mi)


3/22: PM real easy 10 mi. Weights.
3/23: AM 5mi PM 10mi hard run. Supposed to be fartlek, tired at beginning, picked up to be fairly good run.
3/24: AM 5mi PM 10mi hard fartlek, fast/steady coming back.
3/25: PM Very tired. 10mi easy + Weights.
3/26: PM 10mi slow
3/27: AM Ran to Sage Dr. 15×200 hills. (13mi) Was a real bear! Great workout! Better than running the shorter ones. PM 5mi Quail loop.
3/28: AM 5mi PM 10mi canal loop. Left for NZ.



3/29: DNR Flying to NZ.
3/30: AM 7mi. PM 8mi
3/31: AM 5mi w/ Ray, good pace. PM 10mi hard, Weights.
4/1: AM 5mi easy around the park. PM 10mi Very tough, hilly w/ Ray, John.
4/2: AM Easy 5mi. PM Easy 5mi with Ray + strides.
4/3: Auckland (road) Mile. 1st in 3:31.2. Beat Hillardt, Flynn, Walker. + 10mi after. (14mi)
4/4: AM 15mi with John + run home.



4/5: PM 2mi time-trial 8:53. Felt ok, hot & windy + 5mi. (10mi)
4/6: AM 5mi easy. PM 5mi easy.
4/7: AM 5mi PM 5×200 w/200 jog, 1×1000-1×600-2×550-3×500-4×450-1×1000. Great workout, all 59-63pace.(10mi)
4/8: AM 5mi PM 10mi hard Weights.
4/9: AM 5mi PM 10mi easy Tired from yesterday.
4/10: AM 20×110 hills then ran home.(11mi) PM 3-4mi.
4/11: 15mi Good, hilly run.



4/12: DNR – drove from CA to home.
4/13: AM 5mi PM 4x(660-660-440) w/ 220j, 110w. 440w between sets. 1:32-1:30-55.2, 1:30-1:31-54.5, 1:31-1:32-54.0, 1:33-1:30-53.8. 5mi cooldown. (15mi.)
4/14: AM 5mi PM 10mi easy loop. Very sore from yesterday. Weights.
4/15: AM 5mi felt good. PM 10mi fartlek, real good workout!
4/16: PM 5mi easy
4/17: AM 5mi PM Bruce Jenner Mile. Race was a bore. Last 200m kick. 1st 4:01.3
4/18: AM 5mi PM 15mi long run.



4/19: 8×300 (47.5avg) 100j, 200j 1×400 (54.3), 400w. 16×200 (31.5avg) 100j, 100w. 1×400 (51.9). Good 5k type workout. Felt good. (10mi)
4/20: AM 5mi PM 10mi hard over hills. Weights.
4/21: AM 3mi easy. PM Good 10mi run. Played golf, shot an 89.
4/22: Left for Des Moines. 7mi + strides.
4/23: AM 3-4mi. PM Drake Relays 5000m. Race was ok, windy. Won in 13:52. Lead after 1mi, hurt in later stages. Jogged 5-6mi after. (11mi)
4/24: AM 10mi run in Des Moines. Went to meet. Flew home.
4/25: AM 5mi. PM 5 sets of 4×110, 1×220 hills. Ran home long way. (15mi)


4/26: AM 5mi PM warmed up with ASU, ran 8mi. Felt like shit, feel like a cold is coming.
4/27: No AM run, felt bad. PM felt better. 2×600-500-450-400-350 all sub60 pace. Last 400 in 51.1 3mi warmup, 2mi cooldown. (8mi)
4/28: AM no run. PM 10mi Weights.
4/29: AM 5mi PM 10mi hard 52:00
4/30: AM 5mi PM 10mi, easy out, hard on return.
5/1: AM 4mi PM 9mi Weights.
5/2: 15mi South Mtn run w/ Pete.


5/3: AM no run. PM 10mi easy + weights.
5/4: AM 5mi, felt real bad. PM 3×400 (58.4) w/ 200j, 800w, 800 (1:54.5), 400w, 400 (52.4). Easy workout. (7mi)
5/5: AM 5mi PM 10mi easy.
5/6: AM 5mi PM 2x(2×400-600-400-8×200) workout was great all times fast! (10mi)
5/7: AM 5mi. PM 5mi Drove to CA. Weights.
5/8: AM 10mi PM 2mi, golf – shot a 92.
5/9: 15mi run with John in the foothills.


5/10: Felt really bad. In LA for promo work for Al Franken. Stopped at Cal Poly for easy 5mi, felt terrible.

5/11: AM 5mi PM 10mi
5/12: @ UCI. 2×400-800-400-6×200-3×400. Very good workout. 57-58, 1:54-58, 29s, 55-58-52. Jogged 6mi after. (13mi.)
5/13: AM 5mi PM 10mi easy
5/14: AM no run. PM 10mi Good run + strides.
5/15: AM 5mi easy. PM 5mi easy.
5/16: AM 3mi. PM Pepsi Mile. Race went well. 1200@3:00, 3:52.68. Paige was good. Jogged 6mi after.


5/17: AM 10mi felt real bad on run. Legs hurt from volleyball.Smoggy.
5/18: AM 5mi hard PM 10mi real hard fartlek. Great run, windy on return.
5/19: AM 5mi good pace PM 10mi good pace. Weights.
5/20: AM 5mi Felt tired, sore. PM 10mi real easy.
5/21: AM 5mi loop good pace. PM 3x(400-800-400) 200j, 400x b/sets. 58-1:56-58, 58-1:58-57, 58-1:57-55. Good workout, not real hard.(8mi)
5/22: 10mi. Easy, moderate
5/23: AM 5mi.


5/24: AM 5mi PM 10mi (3.5 hard, 3 easy, 3.5 very hard) good run.
5/25: AM 5mi easy, a little tired. PM 4x(400-350-300-250-200) 55.8-50.3-42.6-36-27.4 23.6 last 220. (8mi)
5/26: AM 3mi very easy PM 10mi easy
5/27: DNR – got home very late.
5/28: AM 5mi PM Sage Dr hill. 5x (4×100 1×200 uphill) good hard workout. Ran out and back hard. Weights. (15mi)
5/29: 10mi w/ Pete. Went tubing, had fun.
5/30: AM 5mi PM 10mi.


5/31: AM no run. Big toe hurts. PM Good session for 800m this week. Ran 3×300, 4×250, 5×200 w/ 100w, 150j, 200j, 200w b/sets. 39s/26s all
at pace. (7mi)
6/1: DNR – Hip is very sore and big toe hurts.
6/2: AM 5mi hip is still sore but ran anyway. PM 10mi good pace, Weights.
6/3: AM 5mi, feel better. PM 300-200-400 (39.0-26.4-52.6). Feel tight, not real controlled. (8mi)
6/4: Went to SF for Al Franken promo work. Raced cable car uphill. Jogged. 5mi
6/5: AM 2mi jog. PM Prefontaine Classic. Race was easy, 1:46.64, outkicked them in last 100. Ran 2mi after.
6/6: 10mi easy run with John G.


6/7: AM 5mi at good pace. PM 10mi. Good, hard.
6/8: AM 5mi easy felt sluggish. PM (500-200-400)(450-175-350)(400-150-300)(350-100-250) w/ 200j, 200w b/sets. 1st 3 sets all 53 pace or better. Last at 51 pace or better. Great workout. (7mi)
6/9: AM 5mi PM 5mi
6/10: AM 5mi. PM DNR Flew to Ontario (Cal).
6/11: 6mi run w/ John and Pete. Flew to Oakland.
6/12: AM 3mi PM Kinney Invite, UCB. Race was a bummer. Felt bad. 1st 3:54.1, Walker 2nd, Flynn 3rd. 6mi after. (10mi)
6/13: 16mi run in hills around Berkeley w/ Walker. Flew to Phoenix.



6/14: 10mi easy, tired from yesterday. Long drive to Upland.
6/15: 5mi to stereo place to pick up car. Ran 5mi more later.
6/16: AM 5mi PM Ran 10×200 w/ 200j on grass. (5mi)
6/17: Flew all day. Ran to track and did some strides and ran back. 6mi
6/18: AM 2-3mi PM TAC 1500m heats. Won in 3:39.99. Very easy.
6/19: AM 3mi easy
6/20: TAC 1500m Final. Race was fast. Won in 3:34.92. Fricker led in 2:54, I took lead w/ 300 to go. Maree 2nd, Flynn 3rd.



6/21: AM 10mi PM Flew to Oslo
6/22: AM No run PM 10mi hard in the hills above the lake. Nice day.
6/23: AM Ran 2 lake laps. PM Ran around the lake + 11×140 hard strides. (9mi total)
6/24: AM Ran @ lake PM 5×200 in 26-27 w/200j. Felt good. (8mi total)
6/25: No AM run. PM 5mi around the lake.
6/26: AM 3mi PM Bislett Mile. 1st Oslo win. Perfect conditions, can go faster. 3:48.53 AR, Maree 3:48.85, Moorcroft,Walker. Ran 5mi after. (8mi)
6/27: 15mi in the hills w/ John, Steve and Ray. Wet, cold but nice.


6/28: AM 5mi easy PM 3mi + 9-9×150 good strides. (5mi)
6/29: AM 6mi around the lake + strides. PM flew to Budapest.
6/30: AM hilly 3mi PM Budapest 1500m. Race was good, felt tired before, windy. 56-1:55-2:55, 25 last 200. 1st 3:35.75, Walker 2nd. (4mi)
7/1: AM Flew to Oslo PM 10mi w/ Mark Fricker, good pace. Felt good.
7/2: AM no run PM 6×220 in 25-26, tried to float. Good workout. 8mi
7/3: Ran to track, watched races, ran home. Feel good. 10mi
7/4: AM 2mi PM Byrikjelo 800m. ran 1:45.05 PR. 1st lap fast 51, finished good. Walker 2nd. (8mi)


7/5: AM flew to Oslo PM 8mi around lake 3 times plus some strides.
7/6: AM no run. PM 6mi 2 times around the lake +strides. Easy.
7/7: AM ran around the lake. PM Oslo Mile. Race was very good. Not so hard. Didn’t move quite early enough. Felt under control. 57.3-1:53.8-2:51.9-3:47.69 AR Walker 2nd 3:49.08, Ray 3:49.77
7/8: 5mi
7/9: AM 3mi around park PM Paris 800m. Slow 1st lap even slow 3rd 200. Kicked hard in home straight, felt fast and strong. Beat Robinson 1:45.28-1:45.80. (5 mi)
7/10: AM flew to Lausanne. PM 10mi, hot, humid, smoggy.
7/11: 8mi along the lake + strides, jogging, push-ups, sit-ups. (10mi total)


7/12: AM 5mi jog. PM 5×200 25-27s w/ 200j-w. (5mi)
7/13: 5mi w/ John, Mark & Doug in nice shaded park. Walked 3hrs in 90F!
7/14: AM 20min PM Lausanne 1500m. Race was hard. Didn’t feel strong before but still went for it. Halfway through just decided to win. Fast 3:32.22, Maree 3:32.7 (5mi)
7/15: AM 6mi easy PM Flew to London.
7/16: 5mi easy in the park, strides and stretched. Not feeling real peppy.
7/17: AM 3mi PM London 3000m. Race was bad. Felt tired from the start. Knew I was in trouble after 1200. 5th in 7:40.5 Moorcroft-Maree-Walker-Koech. (5mi)
7/18: DNR – Flew home.



7/19: AM no run. PM 10mi run.
7/20: AM 10mi, very hot and humid. Felt like shit. PM 5mi Weights
7/21: AM 10mi PM 5mi @ SLO.
7/22: AM 5mi PM 10mi up this big mountain behind hotel. Good hard run.
7/23: AM 5mi PM 5mi at home. Weights
7/24: AM 5mi, was hot. PM 10 x 23rd and 24th Streets. (10mi) Felt good, good run.
7/25: Ran 15mi, hot & muggy.



7/26: AM 5mi PM 10mi Weights.
7/27: AM no run PM 25x110y hills, fast. Good workout. 12mi
7/28: AM 5mi PM 10 mi Very hot, hilly run.
7/29: AM 5mi loop. PM 5mi Feel very stressed, too many interviews! Weights.
7/30: AM 5mi run PM 10mi
7/31: AM 5mi PM 10mi
8/1: 15mi run up to Ranger Station and back.Weights.


8/2: PM 10mi easy.
8/3: AM 5mi jog PM@ SLO 2x(5×400) 400j, 400w between sets. Very good. 55.4, 56.8, 57.1, 56.4, 55.8, 55.1, 56.8, 56.2, 55.8, 52.8. (10mi)
8/4: AM 5mi PM 5mi jog, smoggy as hell, felt like shit.
8/5: AM 5mi PM 10mi in foothills up the back. Weights.
8/6: AM no run PM 600-500-400, 500-400-300, 300-200-400 all at 56.5 pace except first 500. Last 400 in 51.0 Great workout. ½ int. jog b/intvls., 400w/sets. 10mi
8/7: AM 10mi 1:00:00
8/8: AM 5mi PM 10mi in foothills.


8/9: AM no run. PM (2×400)(800-400)(6×200)(3×400). 56.8/57.1, 1:53.6/58, 28s, 56.6/58.0/53. Great workout, felt good. 10mi
8/10: AM 5mi PM flew to Europe.
8/11: PM hard 5mi run, very hot and humid. Slept bad.
8/12: 5×200 26-27 last relaxed in 23.8. 6mi Noticed pain in my side
8/13: 5mi. Jog Chest very tight today, could barely breathe. Side very sore.
8/14: Nice 2000m. Stomach cramps all day. Bad race, luck it was slow. John barely beat me. 4:58.72 AR. 7mi
8/15: Flew to Zürich. Tried to run, side hurt badly. Took day off.


8/16: Jogged 5mi. My side still hurts, I saw 3 Docs and all said something different. Feels better, though.
8/17: 5mi with Walker and Flynn. Felt much better today. Slight pull in my back by my shoulder blade.
8/18: Zürich 1500m. Ran like a turkey. Felt like I was going to tie up with one lap to go, but I didn’t. Got passed on last 100, responded
well but was boxed. Faded to 3rd behind Cram, Harbour. 3:34.18
8/19: AM flew to London. PM 5mi with John.
8/20: AM no run. PM London 1000m. Felt ok during warmup but ran like I was afflicted. Last 200 rigged very bad! No warmdown, got drug tested. 2:20.4 Cram won
8/21: 6mi @ 40min, felt good. Flew to Germany.
8/22: Köln 800m. Felt mush better, got too far behind, didn’t tie up, finished strong. 1:46.67 4th place. 8mi


8/23: 8mi @ 50min with John.
8/24: PM 6mi w Ray some 150s. Felt good.
8/25: AM 3mi PM Koblenz Mile. Race was good, gave 100% last 200. 56-1:54-2:53.5 Sydney and I battled last 200 shoulder-shoulder; won 3:49.72-3:49.75. (6mi)
8/26: AM Took train to Brussels. PM 5mi (30min) felt very good.
8/27: Rabbitted 5000m for Walker. Set pace 7:55 for 3000m. 7mi
8/28: 7mi (45min) run with John and Ray. Left for Stuttgart.
8/29: Stuttgart 1000m. 2:17.58, beat Byers and John. Felt good. 3mi


8/30: 7mi (42min), felt good.
8/31: AM Ran w/ Thomas. PM Ingleheim 2000m. Race was OK. Didn’t have anything left on last lap, lost contact. No desire.Too many races. Thomas won in 4:52.2. I was 2nd 4:54.71 PR. 7mi
9/1: Flew to NY. 7mi in CP
9/2: 9mi Ran 3 laps, last was fartlek. Feel good, adjusted to time.
9/3: DNR – Interview ran very late.
9/4: AM 3mi easy PM 5th Avenue Mile. Race was slow 2:58 1200m kicked hard from 200, stepped in pothole. Byers won in 3:51.3, I was 2nd 3:51.5. John and I ran 7.5mi after. (10mi).
9/5: 11mi (60min) with John around the park, pretty fast. Flew home.


52 week mileage: 4016 miles (77.2mi/wk)

43 Races

7 800/1000s 2:20.1/1:46.64/1:45.05/1:45.78/2:20.4/1:46.67/2:17.58

6 1500s

18 Miles 3:53.8r/3:55.91/3:58.8/3:54.8/3:58.8i/3:55.3i/4:00.3i/3:55.0i/4:00.2i/4:03.0i/3:31.25r*/4:01.3/3:52.68/3:54.1/3:48.53/3:47.69/3:49.72/3:51.5r

2 2000s 4:58.72/4:54.71

2 3000s 7:40.5/7:55h (rabbit)

1 2 mile 8:36.6

2 5k 13:50.4r/13:52

5 10ks 29:26r/28:47r/27:53XC/28:28r/28:50r

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